Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Steps of the Sewing Routine

I'm having trouble with students that don't follow the routine to sew. Sit up straight, make sure the controller is where it is comfortable for you, and make sure that you are in front of the presser foot before you begin. Always start with the take-up lever up at the top. Always end the same way.

Thread the machine from right to left, making sure that you catch the thread in the thread guides and take-up lever (follow the numbers). Be sure to thread the machine needle from front to back and leave a long thread tail.

To insert the bobbin, make sure the thread is unwinding to the left side, making a P shape. Drop the metal bobbin case onto the bobbin, pull the thread through the slot on the side, then under the flap until it "clicks". Use the lever to help you place the bobbin case into the shuttle of the machine, aligning the peg with the slot at the top. If the bobbin case is placed correctly, it will NOT spin.

Hold the needle thread and turn the handwheel toward you one full turn to raise the bobbin thread to the top side of the machine. Pull both threads toward the back of the machine. Test sew on a scrap first!!!

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