Sunday, September 14, 2008

First Year Students: Competency 6

Review of key concepts:
  • Teenagers are influenced by status to wear designer clothes.
  • Uniforms are an example of career influence on clothing selection.
  • Decoration is an influence on accessorizing your outfits.
  • The design of a garment is its style.
  • The workmanship of a garment is its quality.
  • Matched plaids/stripes, straight and even hems, and secure threads are signs of quality workmanship.
  • When the fashion cycle is in the declining phase a style is overused and becomes boring.
  • Read the garment label to learn how to care for a ready-made garment.
  • Fabric finishes are chemical treatments applied to the surface of fabrics that make textiles more beautiful and more useful.
  • Anti-static fabric finishes keep fabrics from clinging together.
  • Flame retardant finishes are mandated by the Flammable Fabrics Act for types of children's wear.

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