Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fabric Project AD2 Competency 1

Select a simple bag pattern and four different fabrics. Choose specific notions for use with each fabric. For each bag, develop a description of the bag, its function, and a picture or drawing. Include a swatch of the fabric and notions. Provide a list of specific reasons for your fabric selection, including advantages/disadvantages of the fabrics. Generate a list of any additional notions or instructions that may be required. Prepare a visual display of each bag and its specifics in a format that will fit in a notebook. Give an oral presentation to the class to share your creations.

Performance Criteria
  • Specific pattern selected for bag
  • Fabric swatches provided
  • Described bags and functions
  • Gave reasons for fabric selections, including advantages/disadvantages
  • Displayed evidence of fabric and fiber characteristics for desired results
  • Included comprehensive list of notions with reasons for selection
  • Project display fits in student notebook
  • Display is neat and attractive
  • Showed understanding of project during presentation to class.
  • Class presentation showed planning.
  • Appearance for presentation is neat and professional.

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