Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Used on overlapping edges such as waistbands, pockets, center fronts and backs, collars and cuffs. Decorative as well as functional, buttons are strong fasteners that can withstand pulling and strain.

Buttonholes are always completed first, then the buttons are sewn onto the garment. Buttons are sewn with a double strand of thread. Use heavy-duty thread for extra strength on heavier fabrics.

To determine buttonhole length, add the diameter of the button, the thickness of the button, and 1/8" to allow for fabric thickness.

Before sewing buttonholes on a garment, sew a sample on a piece of scrap fabric. Make sure you have enough bobbin thread to finish the buttonhole before you begin. Follow the instructions in the sewing machine manual to stitch the buttonhole. Be careful when cutting the buttonhole with small, sharp scissors. Cut from the center to each end, being careful not to cut through stitching.

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