Wednesday, April 9, 2008


A casing holds a drawstring or a piece of elastic inside a closed tunnel of fabric. Usually used at necklines, waistlines, sleeve edges, or hemlines to help control fullness. Garments with casings are easily adjustable for good fit. Casings are frequently used in easy-to-sew patterns since they are easier to construct than cuffs or waistbands. Casings are also used in home decoration when sewing some curtain styles. The curtain rod goes through the casing before hanging the curtain.

A self-casing is constructed in a similar manner as as hem. Fold over the edge of a garment and stitch in place.

How to Sew a Self-Casing

1. Turn under raw edge 1/4" and press.

2. Turn casing to the inside of the garment along the fold line. Pin in place. Press outer edge of the casing.

3. Stitch close to the inner, pinned edge. Leave an opening to insert elastic as directed in the pattern guide sheet. If a header line is indicated, stitch along that line. Once elastic is inserted, adjusted and secured, sew the casing opening closed.

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