Monday, March 22, 2010

How to Use the Tracing Wheel

1. Select a color of tracing paper that will be visible on your fabric.

2. Put the colored side of the tracing paper against the WRONG sides of your fabric. Slip the tracing paper between the pattern and the fabric so you can see what you will be marking.

3. Using enough pressure to mark both fabric pieces, roll the tracing wheel over the lines to be marked. The photos illustrate how to mark a dart.

The next two photos show the correctly marked dart on both wrong sides of the bodice front.

To use tracing paper to mark a buttonhole, take care not to over mark. This is done on the right side of the fabric, so you don't want any more marks than you need. For women, buttonholes are marked on the right side, men's shirts have the buttonholes on the left.

CAREFULLY press the tracing wheel at the ends of each buttonhole, and press it along the cutting line as well.
You should have just enough of a mark to be able to sew the buttonhole.

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