Sunday, March 21, 2010

Steps in the Baby Dress Project

1. Determine what pattern pieces you need. Put your name on each piece. Cut them out along the heavy black line. Mark on the pattern what markings you will need to transfer to your fabric.

2. Prepare your fabric by making sure it is folded with the grain straight. Press your fabric if needed

3. Use the information found on the pattern pieces along with my layout guide below to lay your pattern pieces on your fabric and make sure they all fit.

4. Pin the pattern to your fabric. Remember to put the bent arrow on the fold and to measure the straight arrows with the straight selvege. The measurement at the top of a straight arrow should be the same as the measurement at the bottom of that arrow.
Measure 12" across the width of the fabric for the skirt. Use a right angle to make sure the grainline is straight.

5. Carefully cut the fabric around the pattern pieces, making sure to cut OUT around the notches.

DO NOT CUT THE FABRIC FOLD! That defeats the purpose of laying it out that way.

Remember to cut double notches together in one piece.

6. Use the tracing wheel and paper to mark the darts on the WRONG side of the front and back bodice. See the blog titled "How to Use the Tracing Wheel" for instructions.

7. Use a pin and fabric marking pencil or chalk to mark the dots on the WRONG side of each piece.First insert a pin through the center of the dot through the pattern and both layers of fabric.

Use a marking pencil or chalk to mark where the pin is inserted on the wrong side of the fabric under the pattern.

Mark the wrong side of the back fabric piece the same way.
The pin provides a surface to mark against, insuring a good mark.

Be sure to mark all the dots on each pattern piece the same way. The following photo shows all the pieces that need to be marked.

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