Friday, March 26, 2010

Making the 1/2 Circle Bag PART THREE

This is the tricky part. Find the center of each end and of each long side of the zipper piece, mark with pins.

Now find the quarter portions of the bag piece and mark with pins.

Pin the center of one long side of the zipper piece to the center of the top of the bag, right sides together. Be sure to leave the zipper unzipped some so you have a hole to turn the bag right side out when you finish stitching. (I usually unzip the whole zipper because it makes it easier for me to stitch.) Pin the opposite side the same way. Now pin the center of the short ends of the zipper piece to the center marks on the bag piece (this was your original fold when you cut out the bag.)

Starting at the top of the bag (the long side of the zipper piece) pin the bag to the zipper from the center to the seam. Do this for all 4 sections.

Working from the center to the ends makes it easier to keep the sides even.

Now arrange the ends so that the curved edge will lie flat when you sew. Pin the curve. Repeat for the other end.

I have never done this bag that I didn't have to adjust the ends. Take your time and pin it the same at both ends.

Now, sew all the way around the bag using a 1/4" seam allowance. Overlap where you started sewing by about 1/2" when you get all the way around. HINT: take your time and stop frequently to adjust the fabric as you sew. I have found that it is easier to keep the curve even by sewing on the bag side instead of the zipper side of the seam.

All that is left is to turn the bag right side out and press the seams UNLESS you choose to do one more step that makes it even nicer. After you turn and press, topstitch the seam to the bag. This gives it a better shape and keeps the seam allowances from fraying.

The finished bag....

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