Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Year Students-Competency 2 Review

Marking equipment includes: tracing wheel, dressmaker's carbon paper, tailor's chalk, fabric pens

Cutting equipment includes: dressmaker's shears, scissors, rotary cutter and mat, thread clipper

Seam rippers are used to remove stitches from fabric sewn together incorrectly.

Rotary cutters are cutting tools that look like a pizza cutter and have a round, retractable blade.

Ballpoint pins have rounded points and are used on knitted fabrics. The round points slip in between the yarns in the knit.

Pinking shears have zigzag blade edges and can be used to keep seam allowances from raveling.

When handing scissors to a classmate, give them the handle NOT the blades.

A sewing or seam gauge is used to measure the width of a hem and to measure and mark small increments such as 5/8".

Dressmaker shears are used to cut only fabric.

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