Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Second Year Students-Competency 5 Review

Qualities of good employees: greets customers with a smile and pleasant voice, cooperative with coworkers, are clean, neat, and well-groomed.

Examples of poor work habits: rolling eyes when in disagreement, leaning against the counter and slouching, getting angry when questioned by a customer, just a little late most days, not dependable.

To retain loyal clients it is important to provide quality products and services.
Allowing employees to participate in religious practices and observance is the business ethic called diversity.

If you see a coworker out with friends on a day they called in sick, when you return to work you should continue to work without confrontation.
If you give a customer the incorrect change you notify the supervisor on duty.
If you see another employee taking supplies without permission, tell a supervisor immediately. If you need some pens and pencils for your personal use, buy your own supplies.
If you are asked to move to another department, ask for a tour of the other department.
If an employee is spreading rumors, the supervisor should speak to him/her in private.

A male supervisor should wear at least a tie, dress shirt and dress pants. A jacket would be nice, too.

Memos: most appropriate way for a supervisor to inform employees of policy changes, a way to handle sensitive issues without embarrassing individual employees, should be free of bias.

New clothing that fades in the first wash should be returned to the store.

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