Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Year Students-Competency 4 Review

The number of pattern pieces is information that will help you select a simple pattern that is easy to sew.

The bracket (a line with a bending arrow on both ends) on the center front or center back of a pattern piece means to place this line on a fold.

If you are pinning down a pattern, check the pattern piece itself to see how many to cut.
When pinning pattern pieces to the fabric, you should place all the pattern pieces on the fabric before pinning any of them in place.
After all pattern pieces are placed on the fabric, pin the grain line FIRST,

The cutting layout is the diagram on the guide sheet that shows how to arrange the different pattern pieces on various widths of fabric.

To assure that the fabric will not shrink after the item is washed, preshrink the fabric before construction.

To make a multi-sized pattern easier to use, mark the desired cutting line with a felt-tip pen.

If the waist measurement is 1" larger than the pattern size, 1/2" must be added to each of the side seams. That means you would cut it 1/4" larger on BOTH sides of the front and the back.

If the waist measurement is 1" too small for the pattern, you would need to remove 1/4" from each of the four front and back side seams.

When using a fabric marking pen to transfer pattern symbols to the fabric, if you press over the marks they may become difficult to remove.

The number of fabric pieces to be cut from each pattern piece is printed on each pattern piece.

A shaded pattern piece shown on a cutting layout means that the piece should be turned printed side down.

Notches, dots, and squares are pattern symbols used to assist with matching pattern pieces before seaming.

Information printed on each pattern piece includes: name of pattern piece, number of pattern pieces to be cut, pattern number.

The pattern layout chart is found on the guide sheet which is included in the pattern envelope.

Information found on the pattern guide sheet includes: cutting, marking and sewing.

Information about fabric selection is found on the back of the pattern envelope.

If you need to add 2" to the length of a pattern, use the adjustment lines to make this alteration.

If you lengthen the front pattern piece, you also must make this change on the back.

When shortening a sleeve pattern use the adjustment line to make the change.

When pinning a pattern to fabric, place the pins perpendicular to the cutting line.

When pinning a pattern piece to fabric, place the pins about 6" apart.

After the pattern is pinned to the fabric, cut double notches together with one long edge.

Symbols are traced with the tracing wheel and paper on the WRONG side of the fabric.

Dressmaker/bent handled shears are used to cut out fabric for an apparel item.

Dotted lines on a pattern piece indicate the stitching line.

A lengthwise fold is parallel to the selvages.

Length and width adjustments should be made before laying out the pattern.

Pattern pieces should be handled carefully so they do not tear.

Care instructions for fabric are found on the bolt for the fabric.

To preshrink fabric, treat it as you would the finished apparel item.

Notches are cut out and away from the seam allowance.

Fabric should be cut with long, smooth strokes.

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